Cascade Meadow

Cascade Meadow Wetlands & Environmental Science Center
2900 19th Street NW Rochester, MN 55901 (507) 252-8133

Material Choices

Dig deeper into some of the key material choices we made as we built the Science Center, from the floors to the roofs.


Integrated Building Design

Making better, more sustainable buildings takes more than energy efficient light bulbs. Learn about key areas of our building's design.



Geothermal Diagram

A geothermal heat pump moves heat to or from the building depending on the season. Many heat pumps move heat to or from the ground. At Cascade Meadow, we use our lake. In summer, the air conditioning system uses air that was cooled by the lake water to cool the building. In the winter, the heat pumps gather small amounts of heat from many thousands of gallons of water and use it to heat the building.

Temp. to Pump


Temp. from Pump


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