Cascade Meadow

Cascade Meadow Wetlands & Environmental Science Center
2900 19th Street NW Rochester, MN 55901 (507) 252-8133

Building Systems

Dive into the systems that bring our building to life. Explore in several ways: through live data feeds, detailed descriptions, and illustrations.


Integrated Building Design

Making better, more sustainable buildings takes more than energy efficient light bulbs. Learn about key areas of our building's design.


Green Roof

Green RoofGreen roofs mitigate storm water runoff, reducing size of systems needed to handle site storm water, they also cool, slow, and clean rainwater. Vegetation on the roof also insulates against loud noise, and during the summer it can keep building occupants cooler than a typical roof. Green roofs protect the building roof system from damaging UV light, and can significantly increase the life of the roof membrane. The vegetation of a green roof also provides habitat for birds and butterflies, and is beautiful to look at.



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