Cascade Meadow

Cascade Meadow Wetlands & Environmental Science Center
2900 19th Street NW Rochester, MN 55901 (507) 252-8133

Building Systems

Dive into the systems that bring our building to life. Explore in several ways: through live data feeds, detailed descriptions, and illustrations.


Integrated Building Design

Making better, more sustainable buildings takes more than energy efficient light bulbs. Learn about key areas of our building's design.


Other Roofs

Two interesting materials choices were made in the design of the science center high roof. The first is easy to see. The color and material for the outer layer of the roof is white steel. Other RoofsSteel was chosen for its durability- it should outlast any asphalt or membrane roof. The color was chosen to reduce what's referred to as the "urban heat island effect" where the many dark-colored surfaces in a city environment can cause it to heat up faster and stay hot longer than the surrounding areas.



The second roof choice is hidden from view. Under the white steel exterior are highly insulating "Structural Insulating Panels" or "SIPs." They are made from a layer of polystyrene (think Styrofoam) sandwiched between two oriented strand boards (a common construction material). Using SIPs in the roof means it has a nearly continuous insulating layer with very few gaps of air, and no way for heat to travel through it- saving on heating and cooling energy costs.


R-value = 48



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